How to be a HELPER Act Ambassador

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Thank you to everyone that attended this class live. For those of you that are watching the replay, you're in for a treat!
Sam Royer, the founding father of the HELPER Act, joined us to share how this movement started and how we can get involved as Ambassadors to push this important legislation over the finish line.
If you're not familiar with HELPER Act, it is a modification to the FHA mortgage insurance fund to provide First Responders and Teachers the same benefits as Veterans when it comes to homeownership benefits.
Benefits Overview
- No Down Payment FHA Loan
- First Time Homebuyers
- Increased UFMIP, No Monthly MIP
Who's Eligible?
- Police Officers
- Firefighters
- Paramedics / EMTs
- K-12 Teachers
We will be rolling out assets and opportunities for you to become an Ambassador for this bill to join the fight to get this bill passed in the House and Senate. The newest bills, H.R.3170 and S.1514, were introduced on May 10th, 2023, and have bipartisan support, but we need more help!
House Bill - H.R.3170 -
Senate Bill - S.1514 -
Mark Madsen and I are working on a HELPER Act Action Strategy to provide you information, updates and assets to take to your community as an Ambassedor for this Bill. In the meantime, you may contact either of us, or the founding father of the HELPER Act, Samy Royer.
Sam Royer
George McElwee owns the Washington D.C. lobbying firm Commonwealth Strategic Partners and is leading the charge in making connections between us (constituents) and representatives on the Hill. You can learn more about George and his firm here -
Here is a promotional video that Senator Rubio and Congressman Rutherford did for the first version of the bill, originally introduced in 2021 -
You can find more press coverage on the HELPER Act here -
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