How to Teach ChatGPT to Sound Like You | Master 4 Advanced Prompts to Assemble Your Marketing Arsenal – 2 BONUS Prompts – Read and Summarize for Me.

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Here is the slide deck and the prompts from the ChatGPT Workshop we did on April 28th, 2023. You can find the recorded webinar in the Video Library.
Here are the Prompts listed in the order shown in the presentation. These prompts were created for ChatGPT-4 in a single chat session.
I've also included a QR code on the last slide for more ways to follow what I'm working on!
Enjoy! I hope this helps.
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Prompt 1 - I Want You to Act Like Me
I have a series of sales and marketing materials that I want you to write for me. I want you to impersonate me when writing these materials. I will provide you with transcripts so that you can learn my speech patterns. Do you understand?
Prompt 2 - Do Not Create Content Yet - First Example of Your "Voice"
Here is the first example. This is a transcript from a youtube video. I have more examples to upload, so do not create any output yet. Let me know that you have received and understand this transcript and that you are ready to receive more examples. Here is the first transcript
Prompt 3 - Paste Second Example of Your "Voice"
Here is the next example. this is a blog post I have written. Do not create any output. Let me know that you understand this example and you are ready for more examples. Here is the blog post
Prompt 4 - Pase Third Example of Your "Voice"
Here is an email that have written. Let me know that you have received and understand this example.
Prompt 5 - Write Unique Blog Post in My Name - Target Audience - First-Time Homebuyers
Write me a 700 word blog post using Google best practices for readability and SEO optimization about the importance of owning a home. The target audience is first-time homebuyers who are currently renting. Stress the importance of fixing your housing expenses and the importance of being part of a community and the net worth gap between homeowners and renters. Display H2 & H3 headlines as rich text, bullet points and statistics supporting the benefits of homeownership. Mood is informative and hopeful. Please write at a 9th grade reading level. Remember, you are writing as me.
Prompt 6 - CTA Download Financial Readiness App - I recommend Finlocker / Vida Pro -
Can you write a call to action for this article to download a free app for their phone that monitors their credit, helps them create and track budgets, and allows them to search homes for sale in the price range they qualify for? Mood enthusiastic. Acknowledge that while it's a tough market and rates are a little higher than they were a few years ago, there is less competition and you can avoid rent increases in the future.
Prompt 7 - Create a 10 YouTube Video Script - Teleprompter Version
Now can you write me video script for a YouTube video that will be 10 minutes long. Please include time stamps to keep me on track. Also include a hook for the video and bullet points of the topics covered in the blog post. Call to action is to read the entire article by clicking the link in the description. Also include the free credit monitoring and budgeting app that homebuyers can download from the blog post.
Prompt 8 - Write Series of Emails to Send to Buyer Prospects
Can you write me a series of emails that I can send to homebuyer prospects to drive them back to this blog post. Use the main points from the blog post as the title, and topic of each email. You are writing these emails as me, and the call to action is to click on the link to the blog post to read more. The tone of the emails should be hopeful. Write at a 9th grade reading level.
Prompt 9 - Create a Facebook Post to Promote Blog / Video
Write a Facebook post from me, that will be posted on my personal wall to my network of people that already know me. The subject of the Facebook post should be an overview of the blog post we just wrote, with the call to action encouraging the reader to share this blog post with anyone they know that may be interested in buying a home in the next 12 months. Please include emojis, and a link to the original blog post.
BONUS 1 - Prompt 10: Read Long Email & Summarize for Me
Please read this email and give me a bullet-pointed summary of the subject matter of the email, and what response they are expecting.
BONUS 1 - Prompt 11: Can you Reply to This Email as Me
Can you please reply to this email as me. (I provide answers from the summary ChatGPT provided). Let Margaret know that FHA is probably a good alternative. The student loan payment can be used if the payment is greater than zero. If you cannot meet the dti requirements using .5% of the student loan payment, It might take a little paperwork to get a new payment greater than zero, but it can be done. A five-year-old delinquency should not be a issue, but I would have to look into it further to know for sure. Emphasize that she should not give up. Encourage them to schedule an appointment on your calendar to discuss further.
BONUS 2 - Prompt 12: Read and Summarize This Article
Can you now read, and summarize this article for me? Provide the highlights of the article as bullet points. Here is the article [PASTE ARTICLE]
BONUS 2 - Prompt 13: Can You Write Me a Unique Blog Post in My Voice - My "Take" on the Article
Can you write a unique blog post as me that covers bullet points 3 through 10. The message of the article should be that there are many opportunities for home buyers in today's market. While the media like to use scare tactics to get clicks on articles, the reality is that there is less competition for homes, prices are cooling off, and you always have to option of lowering your interest rate and payment in the future when rates come back down. Write this article using SEO best practices, use H2 & H3 headlines and bullet points to make article more readable. Also include the net worth differences between home owners and renters like we did in the previous blog post. Output in Rich text. Mood enthusiastic and hopeful. Write at a 9th grade reading level.