Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT: A Beginner’s Guide for Mortgage Loan Officers

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Here is the slide deck and the prompts from the ChatGPT 101 Workshop we did on April 21st, 2023. You can find the recorded webinar in the Video Library.
Here are the Prompts listed in the order shown in the presentation. These prompts were created for ChatGPT-4 in a single chat session.
I've also included a QR code on the last slide for more ways to follow what I'm working on!
Enjoy! I hope this helps.
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Prompt 1 - Act Like a Social Media Marketing Professional
I want you to act like a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, and YouTube. You will use published best practices for each platform to optimize engagement on each platform. I will give you source materials to build a social media campaign. The source material is the transcript from a video that I would like to promote to Real Estate agents, Homebuyers, and Home sellers in separate campaigns. Do you understand?
Prompt 2 - Train it on the Source Material (Video Transcript)
Here is the source material:
[Add Video Transcript]
Do not create any content or a strategy yet. Let me know that you understand this copy and summarize for me what the topic of this video is in 150 words or less
Prompt 3 - Write a SEO Optimized Blog Post
Can you create a 300-word blog post that follows Google's SEO best practices? Also, please provide me with 5 options for SEO-optimized keywords. Please determine the keywords using SEO best practices. The audience for this blog post is Homebuyers. Tone - enthusiastic. Please write at a 9th-grade reading level. Remember, you're writing this in [YOUR] voice.
Prompt 4 - Write a LinkedIn Post for Agents
Can you write me a LinkedIn post that explains the value of this strategy to the Real Estate agent that is representing home buyers in market right now. Keep it professional but personal. This article is being read by my personal network of Real Estate agents that already know who I am. Acknowledge that the market is really tough right now, with rates almost double what they were 2 years ago, and that you have a strategy to help them succeed in this market. The call to action is to direct them to this URL - [YOUR LLP URL] I also want you to encourage your network to introduce you to any homebuyer that is currently in the market and struggling with the payments at current market rates
Prompt 5 - Write 5 Facebook Ads - Target Audience - Agents
Now can you write me 5 options for facebook ads that be shown to a custom audience of real estate agents. these agents may or may not know me. Again, acknowledge that this is a tough market right now and we need to work together to make it easier for families to buy their first home. Please provide me with 5 options for ad titles, catchy headlines, and copy for the ad. Also provide suggestions for the creative that will accompany this copy. Include emojis
Prompt 6 - Write 5 Facebook Ads - Target Audience - First Time Homebuyers
now can you write me 5 facebook ads with a target audience of first time homebuyers. Let them know that without the right agent and lender, this strategy may not even be presented to them as an option. We want them to know that as an experienced lender (remember, you are Scott Nicholson) that you can introduce them to an agent that knows this strategy. Acknowledge that it's a tough market and that high interest rates should not strip them of their dream of homeownership. There is a way to beat the market! Tone enthusiastic but educational. Include emojis.
Prompt 7 - Create a 30 Minute PowerPoint Presentation for Agent Class
Now, I would like to create an informational class that will be taught live to real estate agents. There will be agents that represent the homebuyer in the audience, and agents that represent the home seller. I want you to create an outline that I can use to create a powerpoint presentation to introduce the benefits of this strategy for each of the agents representing both sides of the purchase transaction. I only need an outline at this point. The presentation should be 30 minutes long.